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Who is Juliette?

One of my bridesmaids started her speech with "Who is that new girl at Ica?". That is a question a lot of people seemed to ask themselves when suddenly a new girl was standing at the checkout i the little grocery store in Gräsmark, Sweden.

That new girl was me, 22 years old, just moved from Germany to Sweden.

One year later I finished studies Graphic-Design B.A., another year later I started my little business Juliettes Atelier and became at the end of the year Mum to beautiful baby boy Anton.

Since then I am constantly working on my business, figuring out where it goes and explore constantly new paths.

I still have my job at Ica. I love to see the people of the village, stay in contact and come out of my studio once in a while.

Whatever happens in life, there is one thing which is never going to change, which gives me the energy and passion into every act I take. It is: Never stop dreaming.

And if there was one thing I want my son to learn from me, it is that!

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